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Room Additions

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What is a Room Addition?

Room additions are typically adding on an entire living area to your existing home structure. Many people expand into the patio, the garage, above the garage, or to the sides if the land permits. 


Is a Room Addition Right for You?

Maybe you were an empty-nester but your twenty-something moved back and to their dismay you appropriated their area long ago. Maybe it’s time your parents move in with you so you can keep a closer eye on them while they still retain their freedom. Or maybe you have tons of relatives visiting you all the time. Then it may be time to add-on to your home. In this case you may also consider adding a completely separate guest home if your land permits. 



Room Addition Factors To Consider

Factors to Take Into Consideration:

Many factors need to be taken into consideration when deciding if adding a room to your home is the right move. You have to look at your land size, look at any land restrictions your property and zoning may have, and consider the cost and whether it is worth the investment. 

With a Room Addition comes the expansion of electricity, air conditioning, heating, plumbing, security etc. Along with city permits (if required) and drawings the costs involved begin to increase.


But if you already have your dream home and you need to add more space because you’re feeling tight or ready for a larger bedroom, then it would be worth the investment. 


Depending on how old your home is, adding a new room may cause you to have to remodel additional areas. You want the new addition to blend seamlessly with the existing home on the exterior and the interior, so sometimes it’s a little more difficult with older homes because the contrast between the new and the old is more noticeable. So be sure to consider if the materials still exist that would allow for a smooth transition if you’re not looking to do a full remodel. 

When it comes to construction and remodeling, MTR Contractors delivers a turn-key service, rated 5 stars on all platforms. Our attention to detail and dedication to making the building process as least burdensome as possible for our client is what sets us apart. Have true professionals who are managed correctly and deserving of your trust. Working in your home is a sacred space, and MTR Contractors has over 25 years of building experience to bring to the table. Schedule a free quote today!

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Common Room Additions 


  • Expansion of the Master Bedroom

  • Expansion of a Bedroom to add a Bathroom and/or a larger closet

  • Addition of a Guest Room

  • Game Room Addition 

  • Additional Bathroom