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Custom Exterior

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Our Outdoor flooring is top tier. Built on a bedrock of reinforced concrete or compacted DGI. We focus on creating resort-grade looks made to transform your home into a unique and luxurious space. Our customers can choose from countless premium stones, and designs. Our artificial turf comes with a warranty and our separation strips are unique to MTR - we work premium stone, seal the mortar, and hand-lay every stone. 

In Our Showroom

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Premium Artificial Grass

Synthetic Turf

  • ​Our synthetic turf is UV stabilized to protect against color fading. Unlike natural turf that will have to deal with diseases, drought and dormancy, our artificial grass has the benefits of looking great 24/7 all year long. It can also be used to spruce up spaces where it isn't feasible to grow a lawn like botanical walls.

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Unique Stones


Floor Separation 


Our exterior flooring divisions are incredibly detailed. We hand select and lay each stone individually. You may be asking yourself why you don't see these more often. These stones are the top-tier choices available in North Texas. They are as high-end as it gets here. Each imported stone is originally from the beaches of Mexico. 

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Imported Pavers

Italian Pavers

  • These incredible heavy-duty exterior pavers are directly imported from Italy. They are almost an inch thick, and are sealed with MTR's secret formula. We can install any type of exterior flooring you desire. We went with the luxury route. -

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Premium Flagstone

Thick Flagstone

We start by laying out the flag stone pavers, marking the area and excavating as needed. Next, a base of gravel is added as well as an edge border and bedding sand. The Flagstone pavers are then installed, set and leveled.

Stone Options:

Oklahoma stone (brown)

Silver Mist (black)

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Artisanal Flooring

Unique Wood & Stone Flooring Detail

We create incredibly unique blends of cedar and custom stone designs embedded inside. Each piece is a work of art, and treated as such.

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Premium Travertine 

  • Travertine surfaces are highly durable & resilient making it last a lifetime. It is no coincidence that travertine was the material used for building many of the buildings in Roman times and which are still standing today. Travertine requires simple care and maintenance, not special cleaning products needed. It is resistant to UV radiation and so maintains its color to keep it looking brand new for years. Additionally, it is fire resistant and will not absorb surface heat.

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Salted Concrete

Our Steps & Landing Pad Are Made With Salted Concrete

This is an artisanal process that still requires taking every proper measure of build. Graded surfaces, footing, framing, rebar, and seal. The MTR Team then takes the concrete through a special process that creates this unique look.

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Rock & Stone Specialists

We take on all stone project and excel in providing our customers unique options. Our blue and white rocks are among our premium options.

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Cedar Steps

4 Inch Hand-Worked Cedar Steps Infused Into Flooring

Only at MTR do we take the time to make detailed cedar steps, framing, leveling, and exterior lights that come out of the ground. Enjoy resort-level finishes that separate your backyard from the rest.

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The MTR Philosophy.

Every Project Is An Opportunity For Absolute Excellence at Every Step of the Process. Our Material, Craftsmanship, & Customer Service is Unmatched. Every detail is important.



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We'll measure your space.


Select your stone & we'll quote you by lineal foot

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Our team will handle permits, electrical lines, & have decades of experience doing so.


We begin work as soon as all materials are onsite and start-to-finish



As experts in our field, we only use time-tested quality and materials for every project. We offer a premium product at a premium price, and consistently produce 5-star results. Our exterior projects are inspired from years of working in the resort and hospitality business, building luxurious outdoor-ambiences. Our mission is to turn your backyard into a unique oasis. 

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