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what we wanted. Alberto & his team have so much knowledge in their field and do a remarkable job of being attentive to detail. They guiding us through every step of the process we were nervous about. I've never seen so much passion for building."

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Have you lived in the same home for over 10 years? Or moved into a house that didn’t have your dream bathroom? We know exactly what to do. There are many affordable changes available that can change the entire look of your bathroom, and make it feel brand new. Nowadays, even Home Depot or Lowes have the perfect materials that are affordable, durable, AND have that modern look. Don’t settle for an average bathroom. For those who really want to enjoy luxury, MTR has worked in the homes of famous athletes, bringing to life bathroom remodels of all sizes.


The bathroom is such a personal and intimate area of your home that it deserves some good loving. Upgrade your bathroom and it will shift your entire world—no exaggeration. Humans wake up and go to the bathroom, chill at home, and go to the bathroom, guests come over and they ALWAYS ask for your bathroom, getting ready to bed?—you go to the bathroom. It’s inevitably one of the most-used rooms in the house, which is why it is so important to have a functioning, efficient, and attractive bathroom to start and end your day. 

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How Can MTR Help Me Upgrade

My Bathroom?

Depending on how old your bathroom is, we usually highly recommend changing EVERYTHING. Not because we want more work, but because we want you to have a high-quality and even-looking bathroom. You don’t want old and outdated items that can break or deteriorate soon with new quality items. 


Clients sometimes like to leave their bathtubs, which is perfectly fine—we just re-surface, re-glaze, and re-caulk them to make them look new and shiny. 


Many factors need to be taken into consideration when upgrading your bathroom: budget, bathroom size, plumbing and heating limitations, and structural design. A bathroom remodel can range from as little as $2500 for a complete half-bath remodel to $50,000 + for a large master bath complete remodel with top-of-the-line features. 


We love the process, so we go above and beyond to create your dream bathroom. Let us know what you’re thinking of, what ideas you have, and what your dream is and we’ll draw up a design for you and let you know what works best with the space you have.

Common Bathroom Upgrades

in North Dallas

The items we recommend upgrading to create and entirely new bathroom you won’t have to upgrade for years to come include:


  • New ceramic tile flooring

  • New baseboards, trims, and door handle replacements

  • New wall paint 

  • Bathtub to shower conversion

  • New frameless glass for the shower

  • Rain Showerheads

  • New Shower control sets and shower valves for new faucets

  • New drain lids

  • New tile for shower mud pans

  • New toilet and commode installs – one or two-piece toilets

  • New tile for shower mud pans

  • New countertop quartz or vanity cabinets

  • New mounted sinks with modern faucets

  • New hand and body towel holders

  • New In-wall cabinets to hide your toiletries

  • Shampoo and soap niches in shower

  • Shave foot rests in the shower

  • Shower benches

  • Double shower heads 

  • Shower extensions

  • Resurfacing and repainting the cabinet drawers

  • Installing new custom cabinets

  • Adding a second toilet

  • Adding a second sink

  • New modern light fixtures

  • Modern light dimming mirrors

  • Canned lighting throughout the bathroom


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Our 25 years of experience is transferred into every aspect of our work. We look forward to continuously providing the Dallas area with 5/5 rated services. We understand the importance your home has to you, and treat every space with the respect. We understand that this process can be a hassle, so we do everything in our power to create a seamless estimate to final product experience.  Is it time for a change? Remodel your kitchen!





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