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Luxury Patio Cover Showroom in Frisco Texas.JPG
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Luxury Patio Cover Showroom in Frisco Texas.JPG

Our Patio Covers are unlike any other. We focus on creating resort-grade structures made to transform your home into something unique and luxurious. We hand-select, sand, stain, and treat every piece of cedar individually. Our customers can choose from over 16 exotic finishes, or traditional shingles. We do it all, and pre-manufacture your structure off-site. Keeping the construction process at your home minimal and efficient.

In Our Showroom

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Featured Luxury Cabana 

15 x 15 Resort-Grade Synthetic-Thatch Cabana

Hip roof thatched cabana with Red Western Cedar, dimensional wood frame. 
o Roof line / Canopy 15’ x 15’
o Post Footprint (Typically 1’ inside roof line) 14’ x 14’
o 8”x 8” cedar posts 
o 4”x 12” Horizontal Beams 
o 4” x 6” Vertical Rafters 
o 2” X 8” Hip and Ridge Rafters
o All dimensional wood to be pre- stained and sealed. 
o Custom made metal base, caps and brackets
o OWT Black powder coated steel hardware. 
o Galvanized screws. 
o Ornamental rope
o 20- year warranty premium synthetic thatch includes starters, rails, hips, and top cone

luxury cabana texas showroom .JPG
Patio cover finished - showroom frisco texas.JPG

Luxury Finishes

Choose From A Variety of 16 Unique Finishes For Your Cabana

Option A: Open-Rafter Synthetic Thatch 

  • 50+ year life span

  • 20-year warranty

  • Zero maintenance

  • 100% waterproof

  • UV Protection

Option B: Tongue and Groove:

  • Each ceiling deck is composed of our premium cedar wood that is hand sanded, pre-stained and sealed prior to construction. We use Commercial Texas Grade-oil-based stain designed for to protect and combat against the unpredictable Texas weather. 

  • We have a multiple stain options available in different shades including

Option C: Thin Bamboo Slats:

Bamboo is one of the easiest materials to work with as it is highly flexible, durable and lightweight. When using the bamboo slats, it leaves the structure with a gap-free finish and can even be stained! 


Option D: Bac Bac Matting:

This unique material is made from banana tree bark which provides a plethora of color variation in each strand. The woven pattern also makes it very durable against harsh weather conditions but it’s added flexibility allows it to move with the structure without damage.

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Support Your Structure with Concrete Beams, Pads, and Luxury Stone.

When we’re working with concrete, our team makes sure to start with preparing a suitable and level area for the concrete to be poured to avoid any future cracking to the slab. This includes installing the proper reinforcements such as durable wood framing and rebar to prevent caving and bulking to the slab as it dries. As the fresh concrete is poured, the surface is being repeatedly smoothed over to remain level. Once it is dry we begin the curing process to make sure the slab is not losing too much moisture as it’s drying. Once it is fully dry, we can remove the forms.

Multiple finish options including Stamped, Brushed, Salted, aggregated, etc.

night time showroom in frisco

Cedar Shutters

MTR Designs & Created Custom Hand-crafted Cedar Sun-Blocking Walls

We know how strong Texas heat can be. Our hand sanded, cedar shutters make the perfect way to create additional privacy. Designed for resort-grade durability.

Luxury exteriors frisco texas.JPG


The MTR Philosophy.

Every Project Is An Opportunity For Absolute Excellence at Every Step of the Process. Our Material, Craftsmanship, & Customer Service is Unmatched. Every detail is important.

synthetic decking.png

Synthetic Decking

25-Year Limited Warranty Synthetic Decking 

Available in 12 colors. 4 in-stock. The MTR crew prides itself in only creating premium environments. Our installation team keeps your job-site, clean, organized, and beautiful.

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Equipped with Two Outlets, Commercial-Grade Can-lights in Decking, and LED Step-lights

Our in-house team  provides resort-grade lighting controlled by sunset sensors and Bluetooth control. Our exterior lighting techniques are inspired by world-class destinations.

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Cabana Frisco Showroom.JPG

Artisan Accessories

Embedded hammock hangers & Hand-Crafted 8x8 beam bows

Every detail counts. That's why every peice of our cedar wood is hand-selected, stained with crude-oil, and worked by hand to smoothen out any splinters. 

cabana work.png
synthetic thatch

20-Year Warranty Thatch

World Class Storm-Proof Thatch

  • 50+ year life span

  • 20-year warranty

  • Zero maintenance

  • 100% waterproof

  • UV Protection

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Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 9.50.34 PM.png

How We Work 

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Schedule A Quote With Our Team of Project Managers


Make Selections & Quickly Receive Comprehensive Pricing

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Reserve Your Spot On Our Schedule ASAP & We'll Start Coordinating


We begin work as soon as all material are onsite and start-to-finish



Premium Upgrades Included

  • Project Preparation 

  • Permitting 

  • General Demolition & Excavation 

  • Concrete & Footing

  • Electrical Lines & Upgrades

  • Warrantied Synthetic Deck & Thatch

  • Commercial Grade Spot-lights 

  • Heavy Duty Crafted Red-Western Cedar  

  • 18" Imported Royal Crown Finish

  • Hand-crafted cedar shutters

  • Cedar Steps & LED Lighting

Luxury Patio Cover Showroom in Frisco Texas.JPG

Ranging From

 $20,800 - $42,600  



As experts in our field, we only use time-tested quality and materials for every project. We offer a premium product at a premium price, and consistently produce 5-star results. Our exterior projects are inspired from years of working in the resort and hospitality business, building luxurious outdoor-ambiences. Our mission is to turn your backyard into a unique oasis. 

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