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" MTR went above and beyond to help us feel confident throughout the whole process, and their work speaks for itself. We love this family business and will be using them for years to come."

- Debra Walters

Plano, TX

From Past Room Addition Projects:


Do you live in Texas? Are You Interested In Making Meditation A Deeper Part Of Your Life? We Are The Premium Solution For Building "Zen" and Meditation Rooms based in Frisco Texas. 

There are infinite ways to practice meditation. There are those who seek nature and activity to find their inner clarity, and there are those who enjoy the benefits of a "zen" space in their own home dedicated to meditation, yoga, and mental wellness.


MTR Contractors builds and designs meditation rooms, zen rooms, home yoga studios. and Japanese inspired architecture and design in the North Dallas area. We are strong proponents of the practice and look forward to bringing the benefits of these dedicated spaces to families all over Texas.


In our efforts, we have become one of the leading builders of these spaces and have gained an understanding of what elements are important to consider. We outlined a few below.   

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First, choose a room in your home where you can create the quietest environment possible. We can use special materials to better soundproof a room to create the perfect ambience. Meditation rooms don't need to be expensive. They can scale to all levels of luxury with saunas, sound systems, and imported art, but can also be simple, and elegant still. 

Consider color, sound, shelving area for personal items, crystals, scents, books, or even a desk area for night writing. We approach building meditation rooms at an individual level. We're all searching for something in particular when we start exploring the inner realities in meditation. 


Speak to one of our experts, and we can start looking at styles and features that fit your needs. 

Mental Health is such an important part of our daily lives. Many of us go decades without showing some love to the area where most of our time is spent. Updating your home with a meditation room can have positive benefits throughout your life. 

Not sure where to start? Give us a call and we're always happy to provide a free estimate if you live in the area and share ideas and suggestions of what to do with your space. 

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