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Superior Machinery & Work Ethic
Tenured, Trained Professionals 
With Onsite Project Managers 
25 Years Of Experience, 5 Star Ratings
Full Service Texas Maintenance Company
Avoid Having To Coordinate Multiple Vendors. Enjoy Premium Maintenance Services

Commercial Power


" Choosing a contractor is delicate work. They make promises and under-deliver. MTR Contractors is an absolute exception. Their work is second to none,  and the company is an absolute pleasure to work with. Bravo. This family owned business is doing it right."

- Jacob Shepherd  

Frisco, TX

Top Rated Commercial Power Washing Company In Texas 

Keep Your Facilities Looking New

With Professional Power

Washing In Texas

Our businesses are a reflection of ourselves. We put our customers first, and understand customers expect clean and attractive parking lots and sidewalks at a minimum. An impeccably clean, and well-maintained parking lot is the first step to creating a positive customer experience and driving return business. 


MTR recognizes the need for quality, consistent work and is proud of its 5-star rating across multiple review mediums. We have achieved consistent success in helping businesses maintain their parking lots, sidewalks, and Drive-Thru's by applying the same meticulous care we provide on the first day, everyday. In our 25 years of experience maintaining public and private facilities all over Texas, we've found that often service providers will let their quality diminish as time goes on, and as conscious business owners, we believe that is a risk no business owner should be taking, as it directly affects their customers experience.


Improve customer satisfaction, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a superior level of reliable, qualified service, and keep your facilities and parking lots looking brand new. We believe in creating long term relationships with our customers whether you're looking for professional routine maintenance on parking lots and sidewalks, repairs, or complete janitorial.

Superior Maintenance Management

Service Providers In North Texas

We believe in creating long term relationships with our customers whether you're looking for professional routine maintenance, repairs, or complete janitorial services.


  • MTR offers a full compliment of building and facility management services to office buildings, big-box stores, restaurant franchises, and more in North Texas.


  • By functioning as an outsourced maintenance team, MTR helps businesses avoid the headache of coordinating multiple service vendors with numerous confusing invoices.


  • 25 years of experience managing thousands of projects with a 5 star rating. Walmart, Home Depot, Cotton Patch, and Taco Bell are amongst national and local chains we have provided premium maintenance services to.



Upgrade Your Professional Power Washing Today!






360 DEGREE CLEAN - MTR's standards of cleanliness exceed expectations, so the first step is to provide the location with a deep cleaning to get it looking back to brand new. Our power washing equipment is top-of-the-line and designed to eliminate years of collected grime and dirt that can accumulate throughout the years, or through less than perfect prior services.


  • Sidewalk power washing

  • Parking lot and Drive Thru Area Power washing

  • Windows, Doors, and Mirror Deep Clean

  • Dumpster Area Deep Clean & Power washing

Are You Looking For A Premium Power Washing  Company In North Dallas? Here's What Makes The Difference:


REPAIRS & REMODELING - Now that your facilities are beaming with cleanliness through deep power washing, it's time to ensure everything else is in pristine shape for your customer's experience. MTR looks at interior and exterior equipment and infrastructure, and ensures everything is brought back and maintained at optimal shape. In addition to providing the leading routine power washing service in Texas:


  • MTR is capable of repairing any level of leaks, drains, and plumbing which contribute to clogging and the slow-down of water flow on your property. These are unappealing to customers, and can lead to sanitation and safety issues.


  • MTR can do full repairs on flooring, walls, ceilings - indoor and out. As contractors, MTR has built entire retail and "big-box" commercial sites from the ground up. Our ability to understand what it takes to provide quality power washing and maintenance services comes from a foundation of understanding your site at a foundational level. 


  • We offer a complete suite of maintenance services which include window cleaning, re-striping, handy-man repairs, janitorial service, porter service, and more. All backed by experience having served thousands of name brand facilities, apartments, and private facilities in our 25 years in operation.




CONSISTENT ROUTINE SERVICE & QUALITY ASSURANCE - At step three we are within every health and safety regulation, while exceeding your customers maximum expectation of cleanliness and visual appeal. Your facilities are restored not only visually but to a foundationally sound and flawless core. Unlike most professional maintenance companies in Texas, quality assurance inspections will be done regularly by MTR - This is done to be pro-active about solving issues at the earliest possible point. We understand we facilitate a business owners ability to run his/her business successfully, and strive to always be the one thing our clients know they don't neet to worry about.


  • Superior Routine Maintenance Services

  • Pro-active Quality Assurance

  • Competitive Pricing for Pressure Washing

  • Competitive Pricing for all types of maintenance services





MTR Contractors has over 25 years of experience providing superior maintenance management programs and power washing with big box franchises, public locations, and private properties. Allow us to show you what it's like working with a premiere maintenance company serving the Dallas area, and get started today! 


1647 Old Witt Rd. #102 Frisco, TX 75036​


Tel:  972-432-7011


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Our Power Washing

Service Areas Include: 

  • Frisco

  • Plano

  • Prosper 

  • McKinney 

  • Celina 

  • Little Elm 

  • Allen 

  • The Colony 

  • Southlake 

  • Flowermount 

  • Dallas 

  • DFW Metroplex


  • Carrolton

  • Lewisville

  • Anna 

  • + more

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